12MW Biomass Power Plant Boiler

//12MW Biomass Power Plant Boiler

12MW Biomass Power Plant Boiler

Power plant boiler refers to the steam boiler whose output is to drive the steam turbine and generator to generate electricity. In 2016, Taishan Group obtained two sets of 12MW biomass CFB boiler in one biomass power generation company in China. The boiler capacity is 75t/h, steam pressure is 5.29Mpa and steam temperature is 485 Deg. C. Certainly, the electricity generated from the generator is 12MW.

Schedule for the power plant boiler

The whole production cycle is 5 months. The first batch delivers steel frame, platform and other non-pressure parts in the third month. Second batch delivers pressure parts in the fourth month. And third batch delivers valve, instrument, guard plate, sundries and accessories in the fifth month. Besides, the installation period was finished within four months.

12MW Biomass Power Plant Boiler
12MW Power Plant Boiler

Now the power plant boiler has operated for two years, and the rated output is 75ton/h steam. Most importantly, this CFB boiler is our latest third-generation biomass boiler, which can burn a variety of biomass fuels, including waste wood, wood chip, sawdust, tree bark, etc. Above all, primary air and secondary air are reasonably allocated, combustion is stable, and combustion effect is good. Above all, the thermal efficiency reaches 92%.

However, power plant boiler advanced design, reasonable structure, optimal material and automatically welded membrane wall guarantee low operation failure rate. Therefore, the overhaul is twice a year, small maintenance is once a month, which can guarantee annual operation of 7800-8000 hours.

Following the four-month installation was two-week commissioning and 48-hour trial operation. Certainly, it passed the performance acceptance and energy efficiency assessment, obtained the operation license from local government. Due to reliable and stable operation performance, the customer was satisfied.

About Power Plant Boiler Manufacturer Taishan Group

Taishan Group is leading industrial boiler and pressure vessel designer, manufacturer and exporter dedicated to supply turn key coal fired boiler and industrial boiler solutions to customers worldwide. Therefore, we are always working harder to become the leader in providing large or medium customized industrial boiler solution to meet market demands since its foundation in 1994.  Our products extend as far as industrial boiler, power station boiler, pressure vessel, transformer, high-voltage switch, electric wire and cable, residual heat refrigeration machine, etc. We had provided many types of effective and states of the art coal fired boilersbiomass boilers and other industrial boilers, pressure vessels , transformers and other related products  to over 36 countries.

TAISHAN Group had been specializing in delivering one stop industrial boiler solutions to over 36 countries for over 20 years. Hence we are not only manufacturing best quality sand industrial boiler products but also providing professional design and installation service. Above all, OEM and ODM are also available.

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