Biomass Boiler Manufacturers Taishan Group participated in the coal fired boilers ultra-low emission and urban clean and efficient heating summit forum on April 26-27, 2018. Coal Fired Boiler Manufacturers Taishan Group was one of the first batch of Chinese Boiler Manufacturing Trust Brands in the forum.

As one of the famous Biomass Boiler Manufacturers in China, Taishan Group demonstrated outstanding products, typical achievements and advanced technologies in gas fired boiler, pulverized coal fired boiler, refuse incinerator, biomass boiler in recent years. Taishan Boiler will continue to adhere to the concept of “Customer First, Quality First”. Besides, it will fully implement quality improvement actions and strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations. Taishan will strictly implement national steam boiler and hot water boiler standards and establish and improve quality management system. In addition, it will carry forward advanced quality management methods and improve biomass boiler quality tractability system. Finally, Taishan will safeguard the reputation and maintain a fair and just competitive order in the industrial boiler industry.

Biomass Boiler Manufacturers Won Chinese Boiler Manufacturing Trust Brand

Introduction to Biomass Boiler Manufacturers Taishan Group

Biomass Boiler Manufacturers Taishan Group is one of the National High-Tech Enterprises of 2017. R&D investment, excellent industrial boilers innovation capabilities, excellent results conversion capabilities and sound rules and regulations. Up to now, the whole Group has three national high-tech companies, one national technical center and three provincial technical centers. This honor fully reflects the leading position of Taishan Group in the industrial boilers industry, and further enhances own brand value. In the future, Taishan Group will treat this as a new starting point, continue to increase R&D investment. Besides, it will strive to provide customers with more optimized solutions through continuous innovation in technology and management. Finally, it will create value for users, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise.

Biomass Boiler Manufacturers Chinese Boiler Manufacturing Trust Brand

National key R&D project “Pollutant Ultra-Low Emission Technology” pilot test seminar was held at Taishan Group. Taishan Group undertook the establishment and testing of a pilot test platform for the entire project. The test system was in the Biomass Boiler Manufacturers’ steam boiler room, including a 2t/h vertical pulverized coal fired boiler, upgrading coal / biomass boiler, coupled electric-bag composite dust collector, semi-dry desulfurization and denitrification device. The research group agreed to establish a collaboratory between Tsinghua University and Taishan Group at the coal fired steam boiler room.

This project is the first national key R&D project that Biomass Boiler Manufacturers Taishan Group ever participated in. Certainly, this project will play an important role in improving the influence and competitiveness of Taishan Boiler.