Background of Biomass CFB Boiler

Biomass CFB Boiler has demonstrated wide fuel adaptability and high operation reliability over the past several years. Thus biomass fuel plays an important role in reducing the environmental effect bruned in biomass power plant boiler. While CFB technology is ideal for medium and large power plant boiler, for the reason that biomass CFB boiler is suitable for wide range of solid biomass fuels.

Located in Northeast China, Heilongjiang Province is a large province of corn cultivation in China. Therefore, it is rich in corn cobs and straw. However, Chinese Government calls for energy conservation, consumption reduction and emission reduction, and encourages the construction of biomass power plant. One environmental technology company planned to build a 2x30MW biomass power plant. By virtue of the  technical advantages, excellent product quality and good operating performance, Coal fired boiler and biomass boiler manufacturers Taishan Group won the bid. Hence we provided two sets of 150ton/hour high-temperature and high-pressure biomass CFB boilers.

Taishan Group works closely with Chinese Academy of Science in Biomass CFB Boiler. It adopts advanced third-generation technology and latest concept of “low bed temperature and low bed pressure operation”. So it features good fuel adaptability, efficient performance, good desulfurization and denitrification effect. Therefore we take the lead in reducing fan power consumption and improving combustion efficiency.

Biomass CFB Boiler Installed In Northeast China
Biomass CFB Boiler In Northeast China

Biomass CFB Boiler Features

Biomass CFB boiler features high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low Nox and low sulfur. Besides, Biomass CFB boiler also has the characteristics of wear resistance, durable, overload, no coking, less dust, no air leakage, good sealing. In addition, high temperature, high pressure, natural circulation, single drum, single furnace, balanced ventilation.

Model TG-150/9.8-T
Fuel Corn stalk
Capacity 150t/h
Steam pressure 9.8MPa
Steam temperature 540℃
Feed water temperature 225℃
Flue gas temperature 145℃
Thermal efficiency 90%
Load range 30~110%
Continuous blowdown rate <2%
Noise level ≤85dba
Annual operation time >7200h
Surface temperature <45℃
Design life >30 years

Scope of Supply of Biomass CFB Boiler

  1. Steel structure, platform, staircase, guard plate;
  2. Drum and internal device, drum suspension;
  3. Water wall;
  4. Superheater;
  5. Economizer;
  6. Cyclone separator;
  7. Furnace wall and insulation;
  8. Door openings;
  9. Feed water pipeline, steam water pipeline;
  10. Valve and instrument;

Taishan Group is a famous coal fired boiler and biomass boiler manufacturer in China. Besides, we specializes in delivering various industrial boiler and power plant boiler to customers worldwide. Most importantly, these two sets of CFB boilers operate stably, and meet the environmental requirement. Hence the final user are quite satisfied with the performance of the biomass CFB boiler.