Coal fired boiler manufacturers Taishan Group attended the 11th International Exhibition and Conference for Garment & Textile Industry (IGATEX PAKISTAN) held in Lahore Pakistan on April 25-29th 2018. Most importantly, it is the largest exhibition of its kind. Besides, it has developed into the largest well established garment and textile machinery exhibition in South Asia. IGATEX PAKISTAN 2018 is a professionally enriching experience for coal fired boiler manufacturers. For the reason that they can directly make their steam boiler available to quality buyers and decision makers.

Coal Fired Boiler Manufacturers Attended IGATEX Pakistan

Current situation of coal fired boiler manufacturers

In recent years, Pakistan is in the shortage of diesel and natural gas. Therefore, most of the textile enterprises cannot have regular production and are in a semi-shutdown state. Hence to solve the urgent problem, most textile enterprises actively look for coal fired boiler manufacturers to purchase coal fired boiler. Meanwhile, the specialized coal fired boiler manufacturers Taishan Group seized the opportunity. We exploited the Pakistani market, established the exclusive agent, and sold nearly 70 sets of steam boilers. Thus it laid a good foundation for the East Asia and Middle East market.

Due to the positive publicity of our agent, the technical engineers and purchasing managers of dozens of textile enterprises from Lahore and Faisalabad came to our booth and discussed over the coal fired boilers. After learning about our existing steam boiler quantity and after-sales service in Pakistan, they are satisfied with our strength and quality, and will visit our local coal fired steam boiler users after the exhibition.

Coal Fired Boiler Manufacturers IGATEX Pakistan

Furthermore, many former customers visited our booth and expressed their satisfaction with our coal fired steam boilers. Most importantly, if they need coal fired boilers in the future they still will choose Taishan Group. After the exhibition, we and our agent visit the new customers meeting in the exhibition.