Coal power plant boiler mainly consists of pulverized coal boiler and CFB boiler. CFB boiler is widely-used coal power plant boiler featuring good coal adaptation, high performance and energy saving. Pulverized coal boiler is most popular coal power plant boiler in which the coal powder is burned by a burner. Power plant boiler manufacturer Taishan Group delivered two 260t/h 9.8MPa coal power plant boilers in Anhui Province, and the user is COFCO.

Coal Power Plant Boiler Running in COFCO

Introduction to the coal power plant boiler project

The first phase of the power plant covers an area of over 65000m2, and the construction scale is four power plant boilers and three steam turbines. The total installed capacity is 75 MW and steam supply capacity is 5.749 million tons per year. The first stage is two 260t/h CFB boilers and one 25MW back pressure steam turbine, and the steam supply capacity is 1.437 million tons/year. The second stage is two 260t/h CFB boilers and two 25MW extraction back pressure steam turbines, and the steam supply is 4.312 million tons/year. In the future, the second phase of the power plant will have two 260t/h power plant boilers and two 25MW steam turbines. And the steam supply capacity is 2.874 million tons/year.

Founded in 1949, COFCO has become a leading supplier of agri-products with grain, oil, sugar and cotton. The business scope ranges from branded products to financial services and real estate. At present, COFCO has a total annual turnover of 150 million tons, a global storage capacity of 31 million tons, an annual processing capacity of 90 million tons, and an annual port transit capacity of 65 million tons. COFCO is China’s largest food processing company. The products cover rice, wheat, corn, oil and oilseeds, sugar, cotton, meat products, dairy products, wine, tea.

As a famous industrial boiler and power plant boiler manufacturer in China, Taishan Group specializes in delivering various fuel steam boilers to customers worldwide.