Coal water slurry fired boiler is the kind of CFB boiler burning coal water slurry. While coal water slurry fluidized suspended efficient clean combustion technology is a revolution in the combustion field. Coal water slurry is a fluid fuel made of 65% coal, 34% water and 1% chemical additive, which can be pumped, atomized and burned. However, the calorific value of coal water slurry is half that of the fuel oil.

As we all know, more and more people and increasingly high environmental requirement are the challenges of heating in winter. Therefore the heating equipment shall improve combustion efficiency, output more heat and control the emission of flue gas. Hence, under the entrust from Jinan Thermal Power Company, steam boiler manufacturers Taishan Group manufactured six sets of coal water slurry fired boilers. Above all, each coal water slurry fired boiler model is QXF70-1.6/130/70-J, so the heat output is 70MW.

Coal water slurry fired boiler running in China

The fuel content analysis report

No. Item Mark Unit Value
1 As-received carbon Car % 42.46
2 As-received hydrogen Har % 2.68
3 As-received oxygen Oar % 4.97
4 As-received nitrogen Nar % 0.93
5 As-received sulfur Sar % 0.65
6 As-received ash Aar % 10.31
7 As-received water Mt % 38
8 As-received net caloric value Qnet,ar MJ/kg 16
9 Mercury Hg Ug/g 0.075

Technical data of coal water slurry fired boiler

Parameter Quantity 6
Heat output MW (rated/max) 70/77
Rated working pressure MPa 1.6
Inlet/outlet temperature ℃ 130/70
Fuel consumption t/h 17.82
Circulating water amount t/h 1000
Original flue gas Flue gas flow Nm3/h 119500
Flue gas flow m3/h 176400
Flue gas temperature ℃ 125
SO2 mg/Nm3 (dry basis) <300
NOx mg/Nm3 (dry basis) 200
Separator Type Volute cyclone separator
Efficiency % 99.9
Dust remover Type Bag filter
Efficiency % 99.9
Equipment requirement Fly ash carbon content % <2.9
Flue gas oxygen content % ≤4
Water side total resistance Pa 360000
Flue gas resistance Pa 2500
Flue gas flow rate m/s ≤4.5
Thermal efficiency % 90.5

Coal water slurry fired boiler running China

Advantages of CFB coal water slurry fired boiler

Coal water slurry fluidized suspended efficient clean combustion technology realizes low-temperature, high-efficiency and clean combustion of coal-water slurry, which has the following advantages:

(1) The low-temperature combustion solves the problem of coking, unstable operation and poor safety, and inhibits the generation and emission of thermal NOx;

(2) The coal water slurry particle cluster realizes circulating combustion, so it has higher burning rate;

(3) The medium material composed of limestone and quartz sand realize direct desulfurization in the combustion process;

(4) It can operate stably at 30-100% of rated load;

(5) Low requirement for coal water slurry reduces the slurrying cost;

(6) Coal water slurry fired boiler features simple operation, high combustion efficiency, and wide application range.

Taishan Group is a famous coal fired boiler and biomass boiler manufacturer in China. Most importantly, we are dedicated to supplying turn key industrial boiler solutions to customers worldwide. Therefore, we are working to become the leader in providing small and medium industrial boiler solution to meet market demand.