Pulverized coal boiler is a kind of industrial boiler or power plant boiler that produces thermal energy by burning pulverized coal. Coal is ground to the size of a fine grain, mixed with air and burned in the flue gas flow. It is also known as pulverized coal furnace, powdered coal boiler or coal powder boiler.

With the increase of residence community in recent years, the heating area in the eastern part of Jinan City has increased by 1 million square meters. The old heating equipment is unable to meet the current heating need. Coal fired boiler manufacturer Taishan Group supplied one dual fuel boiler. It features advanced design concept, high combustion efficiency, low pollutant emission and high cost performance. This is the first 70MW natural gas and pulverized coal dual fuel hot water boiler operating in Shandong. When using natural gas as fuel, it can reduce CO2 emission by 40,000 tons, SO2 emission by 140 tons, and NOx emission by 162 tons per year.

Pulverized coal boiler operating in East China

Introduction to the pulverized coal boiler

The dual fuel boiler can realize the switch between pulverized coal and natural gas within one burner to ensure uninterrupted heat supply. It can realize immediate start and stop: reach stable operating state within 3 minutes; stop instantaneously after the pulverized coal supply is cut off. Designed based on the combustion characteristics of pulverized coal and natural gas, it adopts full membrane wall and shell structure. This pulverized coal boiler features strong rigidity, good sealing performance, no flue gas leakage, small water resistance, simple water circulation loop and low power consumption. At the same time, the operator can monitor and adjust the operation parameters during the whole operation process.

Pulverized coal boiler operating East China

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