Coal CFB Boiler uses bed material (such as silica sand) to support the combustion of coal around 900°C to generate heat. Steam produced inside the combustor can be used for power generation in steam turbine. Coal CFB Boiler can suit varying particle size (1-10mm) and varying fuel quality (from anthracite to lignite, petroleum coke). On February 16, 2019, all the sales personnel went to Shandong Fukuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to visit and study the CFB boiler.

Visit Coal CFB Boiler User of Taishan Group

Introduction to the Coal CFB Boiler user

As a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Beijing Huiyuan Beverage & Food Group, Fukuan is a technology-driven biotechnology company. It specializes in the development, production and sales of various fruit and vegetable puree, concentrated pulp, preforms, caps and corn starch. The annual processing capacity of corn is 700,000 tons, starch is 300,000 tons, and fructose syrup is 150,000 tons.

Coal fired boiler manufacturer Taishan Group provided Fukuan with two sets 130ton/h, 9.82 MPa, 540℃ Coal CFB Boilers. These two CFB boilers are operating in parallel with two sets 12MW back pressure steam turbines, combining heat and power generation. These two Coal CFB Boilers can supply heat to a community with an area of 5 million m2 and process steam to 12 nearby factories.

Visit Coal CFB Boiler User Taishan Group

According to the introduction of Fukuan, the whole power plant has been operating for two years. In the past two years, two Coal CFB Boilers operated stably. They are very satisfied with the quality and efficiency. Recently, in response to the national policy of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, Fukuan entrusted us to add two sets of SCR system. After that, NOx in the flue gas reduces by 70%-75%, fully meeting the environmental protection requirement.

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