What Is Electrode Boiler

Electrode Boiler is a kind of electric boiler that uses electricity flowing through water to create steam. CEJS Series is high-voltage, jet-type electrode steam boiler using water to conduct current and produce steam.

On August 23, Taishan Group and Cleaver-Brooks held the Electrode Boiler Technical Cooperation Signing Ceremony. Paul Anderson, Vice President of Cleaver-Brooks, and Wang Guangxi, General Manager of Taishan Group, signed the technical cooperation agreement. Besides, other personnel like Hu Wenbo, Vice President of CB China also attended the signing ceremony.

Cleaver-Brooks on Electrode Boiler
Cleaver-Brooks Electrode Boiler

Introduction to CEJS Electrode Boiler

Founded in 1929, Cleaver-Brooks currently has 11 manufacturing plants. Not only the largest steam boiler manufacturer in North America, but also a leading supplier of complete boiler equipment worldwide. CB has mature boiler integration technology; among which, CEJS high-voltage electrode boiler is unique in the industry. It is dominant in circulating pump, water level control, voltage access, safety protection, conductivity control and steam quality. The whole heating system is fully automatic intelligent operation, thus realizing unattended operation and remote monitoring.

General Manager Wang gave a detailed introduction to current energy structure, demand change and policy orientation on China’s heating market, as well as future prospect and development trend of electrode boiler market. However, according to Paul, since entering China in 2015, despite advanced technology, no price advantage, so CB continuously sought quality partner like Taishan. He believed that the cooperation between CB, the largest electrode boiler manufacturer in North America, and Taishan, the largest industrial boiler manufacturer in China, would have a broad development prospect.

Technical Cooperation with Cleaver-Brooks on Electrode Boiler

At the signing ceremony, both sides reached an agreement on the electrode boiler technology, manufacturing and marketing. They agreed to develop respective advantage and strength to jointly promote the electrode boiler in China. CB would provide key components like electrode and controller. While Taishan would manufacture the boiler body, water treatment device, dosing device, platform, staircase and other auxiliary equipment.

In the future, traditional coal fired boiler and biomass boiler manufacturer Taishan Group will follow the energy and environmental policy. Taishan will deepen the technical cooperation on electrode boiler, and make preparation for the next round of boiler market transformation and upgrading.