DOSH Certified Boiler Exported to Malaysia

//DOSH Certified Boiler Exported to Malaysia

DOSH Certified Boiler Exported to Malaysia

What is DOSH Certified Boiler

DOSH Certified Boiler refers to the steam boiler passing the certification for the manufacturing process by third party inspection organizations authorized as “Inspection Authorities” by DOSH. Therefore the Malaysian Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) requires that any steam boiler or unfired pressure vessel must have a valid certificate of fitness (CF) before using.

On August 21, Taishan Group delivered one set of DOSH Certified Boiler to Port Kelang, Malaysia. And the final user is a large rubber tire manufacturer. Since this gas fired boiler model is SZS10-2.5-Q, which means the evaporation capacity is 10 tons per hour, steam pressure is 2.5MPa, steam temperature is 226℃, and the fuel type is natural gas.

DOSH Certified Boiler Exported to Malaysia

Detailed parameters of the DOSH Certified Boiler

Name: Gas fired steam boiler

Model: SZS10-2.5-Q

Evaporation capacity: 10t/h

Steam pressure: 2.5MPa

Steam temperature: 226℃

Feed water temperature: 105℃

Hydraulic test pressure: 3.125MPa

Radiation heating area: 25.8m2

Convection heating area: 145.14m2

Economizer heating area: 195m2

Condenser heating area: 141.9m2

Water volume: 14.5m3

Design fuel: Natural gas

Lowering heating value: 35158KJ/Nm3

Fuel consumption: 765Nm3/h

Flue gas temperature: 89.4℃

Design efficiency: 95.2%

Overall size: 10000×5431×6050mm

DOSH Certified Boiler to Malaysia

Introduction to SZS Series Gas Boiler

Firstly, SZS series gas boiler is a kind of double drum longitudinal layout micro-positive-pressure combustion water tube steam boiler. Since the outlet medium is low pressure saturated steam or superheated steam, therefore it can meet both process steam demand and small power plant demand. Due to D-type furnace structure, auxiliary heating surface such as economizer, air preheater and condenser are arranged at the end. While the burner is arranged in the front wall, and the convection tube bundle is arranged in parallel with the furnace. Therefore the flue gas generated from the combustion flows from the rear of the furnace through the superheater (if any), convection tube bundle, tail heating surface, and then discharges into the atmosphere through the chimney.

Above all, this DOSH Certified Boiler is an EPC project in Malaysia, including steam boiler room design, gas fired boiler design & manufacturing, gas fired steam boiler installation & commissioning. Hence Steam boiler manufacturers Taishan Group carefully organizes the raw material purchase and gas boiler production to ensure the project quality and customer satisfaction.

As the leading coal fired boilerbiomass boiler designer, manufacturer and exporter, Taishan Group had been specializing in delivering one stop industrial boiler solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 1994. Hence our industrial boiler products and solutions can satisfy your requirements by our solid technologies and professional staff.

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